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nyecamden ([personal profile] nyecamden) wrote2010-01-22 09:47 pm

Long time, no update

I injured my back in late 2009 (Nov or Dec). It was a stupid injury; I was deadlifting quite a small weight (20kg) and was thinking of something else. Because I was thinking of something else, I didn't engage my abdominal muscles as I lifted, and something in my lower back went ****.

I rested for a few weeks to the extent that I either had help with shopping or I just bought a few items at a time. I couldn't walk for longer than half an hour without pain. Now my back is a lot better, and I've been going to the gym for a week or two.


Warmup on the step machine, 10 minutes
Walking lunges (omg how I hate walking lunges) with two 7.5kg dumbbells. 3 sets.
Squats, two 10kg dumbbells: 5 * 5.
Single leg calf raises whilst holding 5kg dumbbells: 8 *3
Dumbbell shoulder press: 7.5kg, 10, 8, 7
Dumbbell tricep pushback: 5kg * 5, 4, 4.
Shoulder exercise thingy: 5kg * 8, 8, 8.
Lateral pulldown: 5 setting, 10, 8, 8
20 minutes on the exercise bike doing imprecise intervals.

Good stuff.

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