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nyecamden ([personal profile] nyecamden) wrote2010-03-22 01:51 pm

Last couple of weeks

I've had a slow couple of weeks exercise-wise. I've been pushing myself too hard in other areas, and have not had enough sleep. I've booked a couple of exercise classes for this week, and will be prioritising rest and exercise over other things. I'll be doing my first circuit training class today, and have a spinning class booked for tomorrow.

The livejournal community 100pounds2lose has recently started a weekly exercise roundup, which I've found really helpful. I'll copy/paste what I wrote there.

Week ending 15/3/10 I did:

* Quite a bit of lifting and carrying of stuff while helping my friend de-clutter.

* Several de-stressing jogs, of between 1/2 mile and a mile.

* Walked at least 2 miles a day for 3 days or so.

* Some sessions on my exercise bike at home.

* Pushups, pilates dart exercise (targets the back).

Week ending 21/3/10 I did:

Handful of sessions on the exercise bike, couple of short jogs, one full body workout. (I didn't record my exercise in my FIT for LIFE food/exercise day book this week, so I am not sure what I did.)

I'm going to aim to write a weekly entry here.

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