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nyecamden ([personal profile] nyecamden) wrote2010-04-19 11:47 am
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This week

Monday: 45 minutes weight training. 1¼ mile walk carrying 20 pounds of shopping. I normally get the bus home from Camden, but I have decided to walk home whenever possible.
Tuesday: 45 minutes exercise bike.
Wednesday: 50 minutes jog, w00t! Furthest I've ever jogged on my own.
Thursday: Rest day. 2 miles of walking including lots of steps.
Friday: 45 minutes weight training. I did my warm-up jog to the gym which is a mile away at 6mph :D
Saturday: 30 minutes interval training, 20 mins extra exercise biking, 2 mile walk, 20 minutes dancing with the goths.
Sunday: 35 minutes interval training at the gym. 3½-4 miles walking throughout the day.

Hm, I was going to try and get a long walk in this week but I did other things instead. I really want to go for a walking holiday before summer, so I shall try and up my miles when I'm away at Whitby (Yorkshire seaside town) this week. Very good exercise week overall.

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