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Backs and bikes and clubs

Wow, long time no update. Since my last entry I have joined a running club, and had a few personal training sessions over the summer. I went to the gym less and did more exercise outside of the gym. I returned to weight training after a break of a few weeks and injured my lower back whilst lifting the same amount of weight as I had weeks before... felt stupid afterwards! I should lift less weight after an extended break, this is something I find difficult to remember as I don't often have extended breaks from lifting.

I've recently started using the hire bikes that are dotted around the centre of London; I think I'll be a keen user of them. Advantages: don't have to lug a bike up two flights of stairs, don't have to worry about having it stolen (so long as I dock it), don't have to sort repairs. Disadvantages: can be costly for longer journeys, few docking stations outside of the centre so the bikes are more for exercise than transportation for me, bloody unwieldy things that are not at all suitable for off-roading.

This month I intend to sort my back out. I'm going to return to Pilates and maybe start doing Yoga. I've booked a massage session for Friday, yay. I tentatively lifted some weights at the gym today, only to find that even 5kg was too much for my back. I am not going to make things worse, oh no. I shall attempt to do less sitting on a chair if I can help it, particularly for extended periods.

My weightloss has been negligible since my last post. I've only lost 8 pounds in the last four and a half months. Eep! I've been so concerned with weekly losses and gains that I haven't really seen the big picture. I should make a chart of monthly weights I think.

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