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nyecamden ([personal profile] nyecamden) wrote2009-11-20 01:07 pm
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It's been over a month since I last posted. I was ill for a little while (mild cold immediately followed by heavy cold/mild flu), so no exercising for a while.

I've been exercising for the last 2-3 weeks. My body is a bit crap after the flu(?), and I've had to make allowances. I want to be at/beyond the level I was at in October, dammit! I can be patient and realistic though. It doesn't help that I've been sleeping really badly due to generalised anxiety for the last few weeks.

I've been averaging at 2 intense exercise sessions, 2 moderate exercise sessions and 2 rest days per week lately. I want to get hold of a free/cheap exercise bike; I've been so busy that it's been a struggle to find time for exercise. If I do two or three cardio sessions at home it'll be easier to fit things in.

This week I have done 1 upper body session and 1 lower body session, 1 * 30 minute cardio session. I'm not sure what exercise to do at the weekend if any: I'll be staying up until 3am on Saturday, then recuperating in order to babysit on Sunday evening. Rest wins I think!

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