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posted by [personal profile] nyecamden at 03:21pm on 27/12/2010 under
Most posts on here this year say stuff like 'I haven't posted here for a while'. 3 months since the last one, ho hum.

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posted by [personal profile] nyecamden at 12:58pm on 17/09/2010
10 minute warmup
Pushups: 17, 17, 15. (49 in total, whoop!)
Assisted pullups (feet resting on stool): 7, 5, 4
Dips: 4, 4, 4
Squats: 15, 10, 15
Walking lunges: up and down the hall/bathroom twice.
Bit of stretching (not enough)
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posted by [personal profile] nyecamden at 09:08pm on 06/09/2010 under
Wow, long time no update. Since my last entry I have joined a running club, and had a few personal training sessions over the summer. I went to the gym less and did more exercise outside of the gym. I returned to weight training after a break of a few weeks and injured my lower back whilst lifting the same amount of weight as I had weeks before... felt stupid afterwards! I should lift less weight after an extended break, this is something I find difficult to remember as I don't often have extended breaks from lifting. Read more... )
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Monday: 45 minutes weight training. 1¼ mile walk carrying 20 pounds of shopping. I normally get the bus home from Camden, but I have decided to walk home whenever possible.
Tuesday: 45 minutes exercise bike.
Wednesday: 50 minutes jog, w00t! Furthest I've ever jogged on my own.
Thursday: Rest day. 2 miles of walking including lots of steps.
Friday: 45 minutes weight training. I did my warm-up jog to the gym which is a mile away at 6mph :D
Saturday: 30 minutes interval training, 20 mins extra exercise biking, 2 mile walk, 20 minutes dancing with the goths.
Sunday: 35 minutes interval training at the gym. 3½-4 miles walking throughout the day.

Hm, I was going to try and get a long walk in this week but I did other things instead. I really want to go for a walking holiday before summer, so I shall try and up my miles when I'm away at Whitby (Yorkshire seaside town) this week. Very good exercise week overall.
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posted by [personal profile] nyecamden at 01:51pm on 22/03/2010
I've had a slow couple of weeks exercise-wise. I've been pushing myself too hard in other areas, and have not had enough sleep. I've booked a couple of exercise classes for this week, and will be prioritising rest and exercise over other things. I'll be doing my first circuit training class today, and have a spinning class booked for tomorrow.

The livejournal community 100pounds2lose has recently started a weekly exercise roundup, which I've found really helpful. I'll copy/paste what I wrote there. Read more... )

I'm going to aim to write a weekly entry here.
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posted by [personal profile] nyecamden at 05:12pm on 05/03/2010
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posted by [personal profile] nyecamden at 05:53pm on 01/03/2010
I've not posted in ages. Been keeping up the exercise when I've been well enough to (I've just recovered from a bad stomach bug).

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I ordered a folding exercise bike that was reduced. It'll be good for days when I'm too anxious to exercise outside.
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I injured my back in late 2009 (Nov or Dec). It was a stupid injury; I was deadlifting quite a small weight (20kg) and was thinking of something else. Because I was thinking of something else, I didn't engage my abdominal muscles as I lifted, and something in my lower back went ****.

I rested for a few weeks to the extent that I either had help with shopping or I just bought a few items at a time. I couldn't walk for longer than half an hour without pain. Now my back is a lot better, and I've been going to the gym for a week or two.

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I had an inactive weekend (exercise-wise) apart from a 3 mile walk in the rain. Mm, rain.

Monday I was still pretty tired from being out late on Saturday night, but I managed to walk a couple of hours.

Tuesday (today) I jogged from Whitfield Gardens to home which was 0.8 mile/1.3km in 10mins 38secs, did 11 minutes of stair climbing (including going down for half of the time) then did 10 minutes more jogging. I was going to use the outdoor cross-trainer/eliptical that is located in the local small park, but it is *rubbish*. It has no resistance, so if you don't go really really fast, it's a bit pointless... and if you go fast your feet keep falling off the slippy pedals so it's annoying.

Tomorrow I hope to get an upper-body workout in the afternoon before weigh-in.
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It's been over a month since I last posted. I was ill for a little while (mild cold immediately followed by heavy cold/mild flu), so no exercising for a while.

I've been exercising for the last 2-3 weeks. My body is a bit crap after the flu(?), and I've had to make allowances. I want to be at/beyond the level I was at in October, dammit! I can be patient and realistic though. It doesn't help that I've been sleeping really badly due to generalised anxiety for the last few weeks.Read more... )


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