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Most posts on here this year say stuff like 'I haven't posted here for a while'. 3 months since the last one, ho hum.

Running, weight training, cardio, walking, cycling...

Running: I'd mostly stopped running in December. Anxiety, depression and slippery pavements got in the way. My fitness WRT running is now pretty crap! I just went out for a jog and had to alternate jogging with walking to do 1.75 miles.

Weight training: My back was much better, so I'd got back to lifting free weights in December. I have aggravated my back injury by carrying luggage, but I am confident that will heal shortly.

Various cardio machines in the gym: I've been using this thing that is like a step machine but your feet go side to side not up and down. It feels like dancing, and feels silly in a way that keeps me entertained through the workout. http://www.technogym.com/gb/viewdoc.asp?co_id=2297&target=commercial I use a mixture of the step machine, the eliptical/cross trainer, the cardio wave (see previous link), exercise bike (recumbent or upright), and occasionally treadmill.

Walking: I've been walking 3 miles uphill to therapy twice a week: sometimes walking back (downhill) directly or via Hampstead Heath which adds an extra mile; sometimes getting public transport home.

Cycling (outside): Now the ice has mostly gone away, I'll start using the Boris Bikes again. I used one today but that didn't really count as it was just for 0.25 of a mile. IF I manage to get dressed again I may go for a few miles. I find the scheme frustrating as it's pretty much limited to zone 1 and I'd like to use the bikes as a form of transport as well as a form of exercise... if I want to cycle to places like Hackney, Chingford and Highgate I'll have to get my own bike.