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nyecamden ([personal profile] nyecamden) wrote2009-11-24 05:42 pm
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I had an inactive weekend (exercise-wise) apart from a 3 mile walk in the rain. Mm, rain.

Monday I was still pretty tired from being out late on Saturday night, but I managed to walk a couple of hours.

Tuesday (today) I jogged from Whitfield Gardens to home which was 0.8 mile/1.3km in 10mins 38secs, did 11 minutes of stair climbing (including going down for half of the time) then did 10 minutes more jogging. I was going to use the outdoor cross-trainer/eliptical that is located in the local small park, but it is *rubbish*. It has no resistance, so if you don't go really really fast, it's a bit pointless... and if you go fast your feet keep falling off the slippy pedals so it's annoying.

Tomorrow I hope to get an upper-body workout in the afternoon before weigh-in.

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