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I had an inactive weekend (exercise-wise) apart from a 3 mile walk in the rain. Mm, rain.

Monday I was still pretty tired from being out late on Saturday night, but I managed to walk a couple of hours.

Tuesday (today) I jogged from Whitfield Gardens to home which was 0.8 mile/1.3km in 10mins 38secs, did 11 minutes of stair climbing (including going down for half of the time) then did 10 minutes more jogging. I was going to use the outdoor cross-trainer/eliptical that is located in the local small park, but it is *rubbish*. It has no resistance, so if you don't go really really fast, it's a bit pointless... and if you go fast your feet keep falling off the slippy pedals so it's annoying.

Tomorrow I hope to get an upper-body workout in the afternoon before weigh-in.
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Wednesday I had a quick cardio session at the gym in Camden Town. 40 minutes of exercise biking. Dripping with sweat was I :-D

Thursday I went to the gym at Oasis and did a back/chest workout. I managed to up the weights for flyes to 12kg dumbbells. Low reps facilitated this. Did a bit of dead-lifting of a barbell of 35kg. I'm going to have to speak to a gym worker about DLing more than 40kg; I don't think that would fit on the free barbell, and I want to avoid using the Smith Machine. Maybe switch to dummbells? There are some crazily heavy dumbbells at Oasis.

Today I plan to jog 3.2 miles again, this time on my own. I'll walk to Mile End after volunteering near Old Street, then jog to Angel again. Maybe I'll improve my 44 minutes time! (That's if I remember to look at my stopwatch when I am out of breath with adrenaline pumping.)
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Sunday I had dance class followed by a bit of a mixed session of lower and upper body work at the gym. I did quite well at the dance class, recovering from mistakes quickly because of my 'mistakes help me learn and grow' affirmation.

Monday I had a bit of a heavy day at work with dust and boxes, so had a sort of rest day.

Tuesday I went for my furthest jog so far with [livejournal.com profile] doubtfulace. 3.2 miles! Jogged from mid-way through Mile End Park to Angel along the canal. It took 44 minutes. I am *so* pleased with myself.
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Jogged the mile to the gym, then a quick 45 min session. Squats and walking lunges with 2 * 14kg dumbbells. Tricep pushback with 4kg (increased weight this time). Tricep overhead extension with 3kg. Time on the exercise bike.

Jogged from Old Street to King's Cross via Regent's Canal: 2.1 miles.

Danced for 2 hours at night.

Woah! Today I am going to have a quiet day in, do a bit of housework and maybe wander out for a bit but no exercise. Knackered.
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Mm, I'm sleepy.

I jogged half a mile to the gym. What I did at the gym )

Today I walked King's Cross to Camden Town, Camden Town to Kentish Town. Jogged back to Camden, and then walked back home to King's Cross again via Camden Town Sainsbury's. Not much walking, but no twinges, so yay!

I wrote a piece about motivation/fitness/starting CT5K for a friend, and gave her a print-out of that along with a print-out of the CT5K program. She has no computer at home. She texted me to thank me, and to say that she'd just been for a jog/walk thanks to my motivation :D
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Partly because of bad time management and partly because of avoiding RSI-inducing exercise on days where I'm going to be doing manual work, I've been a bit of a cardio bunny the last couple of days.

Wednesday I went to the gym before slimming group, and did 40 minutes on the exercise bike. Did 20 mins of interval training, couldn't do more than that. I want to be better at interval training, I don't pace myself very well. Could do with a couple of sessions with a trainer who knows what s/he is doing.

Today I have done a couple of little jogs, plan to have another jog after work. Jogged half-way to Fitzrovia and all the way back (with a break of 30 mins in between cos of medical appointment).

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On Friday I went to the gym after volunteering. I got to the gym at peak time, but it's mostly the cardio bunnies who work out then. There was just enough space for me in the free weights area.

What I did at the gym )

Saturday I was planning on going to the gym, but didn't get round to it. I did a bit of walking, but only short distances. Less than 3 miles in total.

Today I jogged around Regent's Park, just under 2 miles. Woot! I'm glad I got my distance up again. There was walking involved, probably 2.5-3 miles or so.

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Jogged part of the way back from slimming group in Kentish Town on Wednesday. I plotted my route on gmap-pedometer.com and it was 9/10ths of a mile. I'm pleased with that. Will do another couple sessions where I run a mile, then improve from there.

60 minutes of cardio at the gym. Shock horror: upright exercise bikes are more difficult than reclining ones! Who would've thought it! I've become used to the reclining bike because the upright one makes me more likely to hold onto the handles, and that was bad for my RSI. Now my RSI is largely gone (depending on management), I tried out the upright bike again. I only managed 20 minutes on it, and had to transfer to the reclining bike for the rest of my workout. Probably need to work on my abs and posture a bit. (I am not beating myself up over this.)

I'm looking forward to my next session at the gym. Mixture of lifting and cardio methinks :-)
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Long time no update.

The weekend before last I walked 23 miles in one day and gave myself a touch of achilles tendonitis. Had to rest as a result.

I finally got back to the gym today. Did a light upper body workout (chest mostly, bit of shoulders and arms). I had my first go on the elliptical/cross trainer since I got RSI, and it was fun!

Yesterday I did a trial jog, only about 1/2 mile. It went ok, and I'll do a longer run tomorrow.
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Thursday was incredibly hot. I was busy and did a little bit of walking; no exercise other than that though.

Today I did a workout at the gym and did some jogging.

gym )

Walked: home to Fitzrovia (1 mile), Fitzrovia to Covent Garden/Holborn (1 mile), Covent Garden/Holborn to home. Jogged from Old Street to home via the canal, doing probably about 1/2 mile of walking.

Go me! It was good to get back to the gym, and good to get jogging again. I need to do more regular jogging as I've lost some of my confidence with it.

In aromatic news: I absolutely stink right now! It is a good post-exercise stink. I'll hit the shower after I hit 'post'.


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