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nyecamden ([personal profile] nyecamden) wrote2010-03-05 05:12 pm

Good workout

Today was shoulders, triceps and legs.

I jogged a mile to the gym.
Walking lunges with two 14kg dumbbells.
Squats with two 16kg dumbbells then 18kg.
Assisted pullup machine, 50kg assisting me.
Seated shoulder press, 12kg*.
Tricep pushback 6kg.
Shoulder exercise starting with hands by sides, finishing with hands together in front of my chest 8kg*.
Standing tricep thingy, 6kg.
Oblique exercise where I hold heavy weights (20kg), stand up and bend from side to side.

I was all shaky afterwards. I'd decided to do some cardio, but my legs were too wobbly. I walked to Warren Street instead.

* All free weight exercises were using dumbbells, the figure is how much one of these weighs.